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(You'll need to be a HMN5 holder.)



I am my HMN5, my HMN5 is me.
We are all HMN5 exploring the Okinaverse.

The Pioneers and Explorers are uniquely generated humans, that reside on ALPHA 21, an ecosystem formed in the depths of the Okinaverse. With hundreds of new traits and styles, HMN5 characters will be taking over web3 in a big way. Journey with us as we begin our many adventures.


Residency & Burn
Learn more about the who and why.

In essence, we created "Residency" to allow our loyal holders to reserve their spot in the HMN5 Collection. With the holders and community in mind, this process allows people that really want to get into the project, but aren't currently liquid enough, to mint their reservation token and pay to reveal when they are ready. When you are ready to see your HMN5 the price will be applied when you burn your resident token in exchange for your HMN5 nft.

Burn your Resident Token to reveal your HMN5 for free. 0.0420 Burn Fee + Gas required.

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