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We are the sum of our curated experiences.

"We're creating symbiotic relationships that bridge in-real-life experiences to the metaverse. With a deep focus on web3, art, NFT's, music, apparel, printing, IRL events,  manufacturing, metaverse-gaming development and much more." -Bryan Vee


Okina Labs

The Okina headquarters is a one-stop shop for all production and manufacturing needs. From large format printing for multiple substrates, CNC router, and Laser/etching capability. We also have embroidery machines and commercial clothing presses for all of our clothing in-house production needs. The HQ houses a few highly skilled designers that will focus on special projects, clothing designs, canvas designs, marketing collateral, and other artwork and design for the projects as we continue to grow. 

The HQ has been laid out into multiple zones, including Office and Showroom zone, Print Zone, Fabrication & Assembly zone, Heavy Equipment zone, Clothing Production zone, and more. In the Showroom zone, we will host events, gallery expositions, Live spaces, NFT Launch events, and more. 


"The Okina HQ is the foundation onto which we will build everything for our community of holders, both IRL and Web3 ." - BV

What this means for Holders

The Okina HQ was created to be able to offer our holders a better consumer experience as well as give our holders a unique opportunity to create cool products with the use of all of our equipment and services.

 Custom Clothing, Canvases & Posters

• Trading Cards, Custom Plastic and Metal production. ( NFT Slabs, Metal Cards)

• Direct-to-substrate printing on skateboard decks, phone cases, shoes, bottles, cans, and so many other products.

• Stickers and Large format vinyl prints for vehicles, motorcycles/dirtbikes, walls and more.


Progress & Milestones


With the expansion of the warehouse, we did an entire restructuring of the support walls and beams to create entirely new spaces.


Heavy equipment such as Flatbed Router, CNC, Laser, Flatbed Printer and fabrication workshop setup. 



Okina Labs entered into a partnership with K6 to acquire  warehouse space. With the goal of integrating web3 and IRL products for Okina holders, such as print, clothing, fabrication, branding and other services.


With many parts of the HQ now nearing completion. We are now mobilizing a few zones to be able to establish what the final zones are. Offices are being setup for designers and developers. Primary large format printers, cutters, embroidery machines and  presses are now setup and operational.  


Once all is operational, fine-tuned and polished for public viewing. We will host several events such as NFT Gallery Expositions, Launch parties, Live Interviews and other events.




The Genesis DAO has been in the works as a concept for a while now. This Genesis DAO will be for 444 SAG Genesis token holders only. The DAO will run independently and in parallel with the Okina Company, as its own entity. Once fully operational the Okina Company will be creating a REVENUE SHARING MODEL for the Genesis DAO based on the revenues generated from IRL sales from the Okina HQ IRL and future Okina Web3 NFT projects. The goal is to have GENESIS DAO to get a share of everything that is generated from clothing, music, manufacturing, future projects and more. 

"I promised that I'd take care of the Genesis holders, this is my way to show my appreciation, by sharing a piece of the big pie with the OG's." - BV

What this means for Genesis Holders

 Through the Genesis DAO, holders will be able to manage the Genesis project, Including the allocation and future project/collection management.

• Revenue/Reward opportunities from income/business generated from the Okina HQ, IRL as well as web3 collections, for Genesis DAO.*

• Investment Pool future collective investments.

• Creation of core tools and overall project development.


Progress & Milestones


Okina created and deployed Genesis tokens that have all been minted. Genesis tokens will be used by the DAO for voting and governance. 


Genesis owners come together to support new projects, startups, etc. or make investments in them.



Creation of the smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain.  


Setup the structure for Reward Sharing, Distribution for Genesis DAO members.



Clothing Co.

The Okina Clothing & Print Company aims to serve our community. Our mission is to provide a high-quality and unique clothing brand that reflects our community's unique identity and values. Our community deserves IRL clothing that is fitting of our culture and the style we represent in WEB3. We have put a lot of thought and care into creating the clothing designs you see in both our STZY and HMN5 collections, to be able to create them IRL for our holders.

We're sourcing only the best materials for our products, and our team of skilled fabricators helps ensure that every item is made to the highest standards, by fabricating everything by hand. From t-shirts, hoodies, hats, Joggers, bags, shoes and so much more (even custom Crocs), we have dope products for every holder's style. Our products are perfect for expressing your pride and love for our community and making a statement wherever you go.

"Early on we realized the importance of having control over the quality and logistics of the merchandise that we offer our community. Having the production under our roof at the HQ will ensure that we not only have control over all this, but also we'll have the capability to produce anything we want whenever we want to.  " - BV

What this means for holders

 Okina holders will receive exclusive offerings and discounts on all products.

• Some holders will also receive exclusive access to trait-based merchandise. Great example of this is Maison Golf, VIVIR, WuTang, BADVIBES, Jessica Liu, etc. Factions.

• Some members will have the privilege of using our "COLLABS" service to create their own clothing co. and also capitalize on our turn-key fulfillment services, to further develop and grow their business.


Progress & Milestones


Multiple high res. clothing designs have been created in the process of designing both STZY and HMN5 collections, and are now ready for production.


We will begin rolling out existing partner clothing collections such as Maison Golf London, Gotrilla, BADVIBES, Jessica Liu and more.



Acquisition of necessary equipment such as Embroidery machines and clothing presses, screening machines.  


Commence small batch production for the community and Factions. Testing the products and establishing logistics before we begin larger batch production.


We will be continually adding equipment to our arsenal, including Direct To Garment printing. DTG machines



Trait Clubs

As these trait-based communities such as STZY & HMN5 continue to grow, naturally factions emerge, with members forming alliances around their shared interests and traits. These factions are encouraged to create their own subcultures, merchandise, and initiatives that will aid in growing their faction leading also to great community interactions and growth.

Some examples of trait-based Factions in our community are:

Maison Golf, Whiteboards, Ladies Night, GM Gang, Peaky Blinders, Confetti, Yeeti Club, BLUMN5, Invisibles, Skele Fam, Park Friends, WU-Gang...

"We've created the Factions as we believe they will further deepen the sense of community and shared identity among our members. I truly can't wait to see what amazing services and products will emerge from our many STZY & HMN5 factions. " - BV


What this means for holders

 Okina holders are able to join trait-based clubs via our gated Discord channels by proving ownership of their tokens.

• Collectively create new products and or services using the branding created for each faction.

• Utilize core services from the Okina HQ to promote your faction brand and products. 


Progress & Milestones


With many amazing traits in both STZY and HMN5 collections. We've established the first of our factions and assigned each faction a President, that will aid in facilitating opportunities to be had between the club and the Okina HQ.


We will be monotoring the demand for new trait factions as well as interested leadership for the additional factions.



We created and implement gated Discord channels for the factions we established. Through Collabland we are able to create trait gated access creating an exclusive club experience.


We released the factions and introduced the Presidents. Holders were successlfully able to join their respective trait faction using Collabland.


Okina will be offering many creative services and utilities for Factions holders, such as custom co x branded merchandise, prints and much more.



Explorations & Discoveries


The launch of HMN5 was the first phase of a multi-phase exploratory adventure. We chose to make the collection internally expansive by adding new traits on an ongoing basis through our many EXPLORATIONS of the many regions of ALPHA 21. The idea of Exploration and trait discovery is to allow the collection to organically evolve and stay relevant to our ever-expanding narrative. From YEETI to PARK FRIENDS regions 


"Explorations and Discoveries are going to be interactive web2 and web3 experiences that will allow our participating members to mint new traits that will be added to their HMN5..." - BV

What this means for holders

 Holders will have the opportunity to participate in EXPLORATIONS allowing them to discover and mint new traits, for their HMN5.

• With the accumulation of new traits, we want to make sure you still have access to your older traits and have the ability to call to old traits whenever you want to use them. 

• Use the POINTS that you've accumulated from staking your STZY/HMN5 to acquire new traits. 

Progress & Milestones


With the staking being integrated for both STZY and HMN5, holders will be able to earn POINTS that they'll be able to use to upgrade and/or acquire new traits. See STAKING>


We will begin to explore regions of Alpha21 such as Park Friends Forest, MT YEETI, MG COUNTRY CLUB and much more. See EXPLORATIONS>



We minted HMN5 as a collection with total supply 8888, broken down into 2 phases, 4444 mint/ 4444 burn mechanism.


With many new traits that will be discoverable to holders throughout our many Explorations will be stored holder lockers. The Lockers will house Traits, Antidotes, Passes and more. 



Staking & Rewards

OkinaLabs is currently developing tools designed to help holders generate and accumulate POINTS while staking their HMN5 and STZY assets. Holders will be able to redeem their points on various rewards. The longer you stake your Okina NFTs, the more rewards you can earn. We'll be offering multiple reward options to give users a choice of how they want to be rewarded, including new collection traits, future mints, merchandise, events, OKINA Services and more. Our platform also provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily stake and unstake your NFTs. You can track your staking activity and rewards earned in real-time, giving you complete visibility and control over your NFT assets.

What this means for holders

• Holders will have the opportunity to stake both HMN5 and STZY tokens to earn POINTS.

• POINTS will be redeemable on various rewards, including IRL utilization of the services provided by the HQ such as printing, branding, marketing and other Okina Services.

Progress & Milestones


While staked OKINA holders will be able to earn POINTS. POINTS can be earned and redeemed throughout the entire OKINA ecosystem. The longer you stake the more points you earn.


We are also looking to create a system for our holders to be able to redeem their POINTS on in-house fabrication projects at the OKINA HQ. Having access to CNC, Laser, Printers etc.



With the staking being integrated for both STZY and HMN5, holders will be able to easily access their staked tokens to stake and unstake as they please.


POINTS accumulated during the staking process will be redeemable on various rewards, from prints, merch, products, future project mints, and traits discovered in the Exploration phases of the project.



Partners & Incubation

As we develop and grow our Okina service offering in both IRL and Web3 we will provide support and resources to early-stage startups and entrepreneurs to help them develop their business ideas into successful companies. Okina will offer services such as branding, design, print, merchandising, technology, mentoring, funding, and networking opportunities. We know how costly operating a business is, especially during the early phases. To help our fellow entrepreneur holders reduce overhead costs we will provide a collaborative environment where entrepreneurs can design and create things using our various equipment and services. By providing our holder's startups with the resources they need to succeed, incubators can help to create a vibrant ecosystem of innovation and economic growth.

"Offering an incubation service to our holders was important to me. We're creating an environment where our holders can share ideas and learn from one another. Together we'll create a vibrant ecosystem of innovation and growth." - BV

What this means for holders and partners

 Access to some of the equipment, tools, and services from the HQ 

• Holders can use the IP of their STZY/ HMN5 alongside our incubation and partner program, to create amazing products with their Okina tokens.

• Project Partners will be able to use our turn-key WHITE LABEL and fulfillment services to offer their project and community tools, merchandise, services, and resources to grow their project without the overhead.

Progress & Milestones


We are creating a log tool called the OKINA DOCKET that will aid in establishing the processes for using our DESIGN. DEVELOP. DEPLOY. process. How holders will be processed to gain VIP access to equipment use such as CNC, Laser, Printers and much more, for their projecs or busienss.


Once we have helped our holders deisgn and develop, we want to be able to support in the depolyment of their business and/or project. the OKINA LAUNCHPAD will provide the tools and resources needed to do so successfully.



Purchasing equipment and establishing the services we'll be offering our partners and holders for both web & web3. Services such as merchandising, products fabrication, design, branding,  coaching services and much more.


Although we will be producing many things at NO cost, Some items, products, raw materials, manufacturing and fabrication will carry a cost. We'll be offering crypto payments as well as a method for using your STAKED POINTS for the purpose of redeeming them on materials, goods & services.



STZY Records

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our official NFT Music Collective called STZY RECORDS.  We strive to bring together the worlds of music and blockchain technology, creating, unique and innovative ways for music lovers to connect with our vast community, as well as own a piece of their favorite music and albums. STZY Records is a collective of the world's top artists looking to collaborate, and leverage our platform and communities to further grow their sound and individual brand. NFT Music and the use of IP is a very exciting space that is evolving daily. STZY RECORDS will strive to be a leader for existing and new artists wanting to share their voices with the world. As our collective of artists grows, the exposure gained from the collective will help propel artists furthermore.


"Since the conception of our first collection STZY, music has been a huge part of our culture as a project, as Okina grows we will continue to grow our sound in tandem, each collection being able to benefit our amazing artists and vice versa..." - BV

What this means for artists & holders

• Artists will be able to collaborate, with other artists in the collective or operate independently all while leveraging the umbrella, allowing all artists to thrive.

• Okina holders will have priority access to both FREE/ PAID NFT songs, EPs, and more.

• Enjoy STZY Saturdays and Okina Block Party, in our discord with live sets from our amazing artists.  

• We will be providing artists with branding support, advertising, marketing and various other business solutions. 

• Our community of STZY RECORDS Holders will benefit from having access to FREE as well as paid NFT music collectibles. Holders will own the rights to any STZY RECORDS music through the use of our IP terms of use.


Progress & Milestones


We are building an all-star roster of musicians from around the globe. From OG hip-hop, and trap to underground artists. We are building a very inclusive Musical roster.


As group of dedicated artists we'll be continuously developing tools to add to our offering to help benefit, grow and support the colelctive.



Establishing the perameters, systems and workflow for artists to be able to operate independantly under a collective umbrella in the NFT space.


We will be releasing new music to streaming platforms and building out playlists allowing our holders to stream and listen to their favourite music anytime, anywhere.



JPEG Confidential 

Welcome to JPEG Confidential our podcast, where we explore and dig into the fascinating world of NFTs, Web3, and how they are transforming our real world. Join us as we dive into the latest projects, trends, and developments. Our hosts will interview experts, founders, and thought leaders, as we explore the opportunities and challenges of this fast-evolving landscape. 

"Being in this space for a while, I've come to understand that communication and transparency is crucial. The more we speak and address the current events in NFTs/Web3, projects, trends, etc the more clarity we'll gain as community and space..." - BV

What this means for holders

 Some LIVE special guest Interviews will be token gated and only available to our Okina holders.

• We'd love to follow in the footsteps of other great NFT Podcasts and integrate LTE (listen to earn) model in the near future to reward our Okina holders for their participation.

Progress & Milestones


We created the brand, social pages and website for JPEG Confidential. The website will feature NFT and WEB3 news, recaps, upcoming segment topics/ schedule and much more.


Once the HQ is setup for lounge and panel interviews, we will be able to livestream them from the HQ hosted by JPEG Confidential. Our podcast will be our collective voice. 



We've curated hosts and co-host that will be leading the interviews, sharing news and organizing Spaces, Fire-side chats, and podcast segments. 


We will be working alongisde the community to curate guests and choose topics that impact us as an ecosystem and that will be great for the development of our community and culture.



Sponsorship & Charity Initiatives 


We are excited to be able to give back to both the web2 and web3 communities through our sponsorship programs and charity initiatives. It's important for us as a community to give back not only financially but also by creating awareness, volunteering time and skills, and building a strong and supportive community.

"Web3 is such an incredible space at its core, we are connected globally, sharing similar goals, hopes, and dreams. I've had the opportunity of working closely with a few people in the space, being able to support the initiatives IRL, and its been truly humbling ..." - BV

What this means for holders

 With holders contributing to projects, they are also giving a percentage of their investment back to amazing community-driven initiatives.  

• Holders will have to the opportunity to participate in our core Okina initiatives and programs if they wish to do so (participation will have many perks for holders, some may even get to travel the world to represent Okina Labs etc. 

Progress & Milestones


Giving back through our sponsorship program, whether it be chairty events, sports and tournaments, we will be helping raise awarness through sponsorship and fund raising.



OKINA has started working alongside a few amazing community members for some great causes globally such as @energyxchange and a few other local charity organizations.


OKINA will be partnering with a few summer camps and Kids programs locally, donating tshirts, hoodies as well as donating marketing and printing goods. 



Trait Utility


We've been working on establishing amazing partnerships in the web2 as well as the web3 space. From liquor, merchandise, music, events, and much more, our partners will be offering ongoing utility to the holders of their tokens. We had fun incorporating our partners into traits that we've used in our STZY as well HMN5 collections. As we continue to expand the traits in our EXPLORATIONS and DISCOVERIES we might see more brand partners emerge, offering more partner utility.

"What I love about our partnerships is that they've grown in such an organic way. Our partners are here for the long haul and rooting themselves into our ecosystem to be able to provide our holders  amazing ongoing utility..." - BV


Partners & Trait Benefits


We are working with VIVIR TEQUILA to provide our VIVIR TOKEN  holder exclusive co-branded products, merch as well exclusive event access.


We are working with Gotrilla to provide exclusive discounted access to his new clothing line drop, that's coming soon. As well as signed collectibles and mouch more. 


Nico is working on a tattoo design collection for HMN5 and STZY Holders giving exclusive access to his library as well as providing ready-to-go stencils for holders. Nico will also be giving discounted access to his new clothing line to BASDVIBES holders


Okina is working with MoPeet on continued AR technology filters. Holders of the "I LOVE MOPEET" will have access to AR filters that match their HMN5 and STZY.


We've had the privilege of working closely with Inspectah Deck and Cappadonna to provide our WUTANG TOKEN holders, one of a kind experiences, signed memorabilia as well as WL for their upcoming NFT project.


Okina is working with the one and only Crypto Jeweler to create some custom jewelry exclusive to STZY and HMN5. More details on Jewelry drop.


Jessica of HELLDOGS and has designed amazing AR tech clothing for JL HOODIE token holders. Holders of this token will be able to get discounts on JL exclusive merch ad well as be entered for ongoing giveaways. Holders will also be getting minting opportunities for her future projects.

Mike is an award-winning artist whom we've partnered with to create truly amazing works of art. LUCIDO and RADTHEIF holders will be getting FREE art claims from Mike, as well as FREE mints for his upcoming NFT collection, and much more.


Coming Soon



Our tokens have different reasons for being, have a quick read below.



This token allows you to join the Genesis DAO


In-real-life solutions for better metaverse
experiences. We're creating symbiotic relationships that bridge in-real-life experiences to the metaverse. With a deep focus on web3, art, NFT's, music, apparel, printing, IRL events, manufacturing, metaverse-gaming development and much more."


This token will give you privileged access to Music, Merch and STZY brand products.



This token allows you to explore Alpha21 and discover new traits and much more.

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