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*YEETIES are super beings and super beings deserve their own daring traits.

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(You'll need to be a HMN5 holder.)



Life had been peaceful since the HMN5 arrived on ALPHA21, but lately, a shadow had fallen upon the village. A mysterious illness had taken hold of some of the villagers, leaving them weak and desperate for a cure.

Legend spoke of a thousand-year-old curse that enveloped the mountain. According to the tales passed down through generations, the YEETI people once inhabited the lofty peaks of the mountain and possessed incredible abilities. These stories painted MT. YEETI as a place of both wonder and dread, a place where the line between reality and myth blurred. HMN5 were known to acquire mystical powers. However,  to gain access to the secrets of MT. YEETI, they knew they would have to make great sacrifices.



"The legend of MT. YEETI told of two brothers who had once ventured into the heart of the mountain, desperately seeking the same magical flower to save their dying mother. Lost in a labyrinthine maze of tunnels, the brothers had all but given up hope of ever returning home. That was when they stumbled upon a being of pure magic. This ethereal being revealed itself as the guardian of MT. YEETI, a creature with the power to save them and bestow upon them the strength to continue their climb. However, it came at a price. To reach the summit and pluck the flower that could save their mother, the brothers would have to become one. One body, one mind, one YEETI HMN5. Faced with the life-altering decision, the brothers looked at each other, their hearts heavy but determined. With a resolute nod, they accepted the challenge, knowing that their individual lives must be sacrificed to gain the strength and wisdom of MT. YEETI. And so, they merged, their spirits intertwining until they became a singular entity, a beacon of hope and unity.


Together, they faced the unparalleled challenges of the mountain, drawing upon the ancient power that coursed through their newfound HMN5 form. As they reached the summit of MT. YEETI, the mythical flower awaited them, its petals glistening with otherworldly radiance. Their sacrifice had not been in vain. They plucked the magical flower and returned to ALPHA21, their combined strength and newfound wisdom enabling them to heal the dying mother. "


Undeterred by the ominous legends, a group of pioneers decided to embark on a daring expedition to the forbidding mountain and the prospect of obtaining this magical flower held the promise of saving their ailing loved ones.

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